Why ladies love Dave Ryan

Why ladies love Dave Ryan
Tony Nelson

Dave Ryan has been on the air at KDWB for two decades, and his fan base has grown exponentially since those first days at the station. Booty Cruise, one of KDWB's most popular summer events, brings women from all over the state to Stillwater. There, they have the chance to meet their radio idols Ryan, Falen, Steve-O, Crisco, and psychic Gary Spivey.

We braved the waters of the St. Croix River to ask revelers about their favorite parts of the Dave Ryan Show, and how long they've been listening.

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Brittany Taylor, 21

I really like Falen, but I also like War of the Roses. I've been listening every morning for about a year.

Maegen Mavissen, 25

They're honest, they're raunchy, they make me laugh, they make me wanna be friends with them.

JoAnn Wright, 28 and Teresa Stearns, 29

The cast, they get along great. I like that they joke all the time. I listen from six to ten everyday because I don't have a TV. -- JoAnn

I like their sarcastic parts. They're mean to each other, but you can tell they're friends. Some people are fake to each other, but you can tell they're not. -- Teresa

Buffy Johanson, 40

I like War of the Roses -- who doesn't? Everybody likes drama, otherwise it's not funny. I love Falen, then probably Dave.

Katie Netherton, 22 and Allie Strand, 27

I like the crank calls when they catch the guys in the act [on War of the Roses]. -- Katie

They also tell the best dirty morning stories ever. -- Allie

Erica Sundem, 22 and Miranda Ness, 26

The parodies, especially the Fridley one. That's where I grew up. They also did the Pussy Cat Dolls FUPA [parody] song. -- Erica

I also really like Dave's Dirt with all the celebrity gossip. -- Miranda

Why ladies love Dave Ryan

Kristel Wittstruck, 29

War of the Roses. It's so entertaining. I used to listen everyday, now I'm a stay-at-home-mom. I'm a huge fan of 101.3.

Samantha Bilton, 24

I love when they go off on their own little rants and they start arguing. I love it when it's chaos, unplanned. I like Dave Ryan. He's the best, he's the voice of reason. The things he says, I completely agree with them.

Angie Sheffer, 42 and Ann Stanley, 45

War of the Roses. It's funny, [even though] I know it shouldn't be. I've been listening for 12 years. I started listening when my kids were in college. Last night I went to Usher, and my husband was like, 'Who?' It started with my kids, but now I like it myself. I was playing taxi the other night for my family, and I was listening to the station. I ended up calling in, and I won! Playing taxi on a Friday night worked out. -- Ann

I used to listen a lot. I have a 23 year old daughter. Ann called me and asked what I was doing. I didn't even know I was coming. I love Gary Spivey. I just want to pull his wig off. -- Angie

Kelsey Majoras, 22 and Lori Pleasant, 33

We listen to him every day. I've lived in Minnesota for six years; I was in Oregon before. We work the morning shift at the Red Wing Shoe factory, so we're listening right away at 6 a.m. We all look at each other and start giggling. You can tell when someone's listening to the show because they all laugh at the same time. We love Falen, she's the best woman they've had. Falen makes songs hilarious. We also like War of the Roses. -- Lori

I love War of the Roses. -- Kelsey

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