Who Is She brings Twin Cities weirdos together for an oddly satisfying variety show

Who is She

Who is She

There are a lot of super talented people in Minneapolis. And a lot of them are super weird. Kate McCarthy is doing her best to bring them all together.

This weekend, she’ll present the latest installment of her free monthly variety show, Who Is She, at honey mpls.

McCarthy, a senior at the University of Minnesota, moved to town from San Francisco. While she always had an interest in theater, she quickly found her way to comedy.

“I started doing open mics and showcases and realized that all of these great communities existed,” she explains. “So I started putting on my own show called Midnight Shit back in 2015.”

During this time, McCarthy began interning during the summers with Saturday Night Live and Chicago’s Second City, where she started to get a feel for how other comedy scenes were carving out their own unique niches.

“There was a lot of standup, but also just so much weird and new stuff that I had never seen before: solo sketches, weird arts, presentations, “ she says. “It influenced my comedy, but also the types of shows I wanted to put together myself.”

Who is She

Who is She

From there, Who Is She was born. Each month, McCarthy, alongside her co-producer Kezia Germ, curate the best group of comics and performers they can find from every corner of Minneapolis arts and comedy scenes. This month includes a standup from Comrade Tripp and Lev Simmons, improv Soul Brick, EDM pop music from SyM1 and Natan Yael, and a drag performance from Jenna Cis.

“These great communities exist in Minnesota, and I want to bring them together to complement each other, surprise, and delight,” McCarthy says.

As for her role in the showcase, McCarthy hosts each show as a different character, with past themes including “a tourist” and “a gym teacher.” She’s also somehow managed to turn Friday the 13th into a character of her own.

“I like to challenge myself,” she explains of her rotating cycle of characters. “I got really tired of asking my friends to come to my standup showcases all the time. I wanted to make a good show for everyone.”

Audiences have grown exponentially, with last month’s installment reaching standing-room-only capacity. But McCarthy isn’t measuring the success of the show by the size of the crowd.

“It’s been mostly college kids, and I appreciate every single one of them who has come to a show,” she says. “I want to create something big and satisfying. I want to have a top show in Minneapolis, and have random 30-year-olds in Uptown who want to come out to the shows.”

While McCarthy’s comedy future looks bright, your opportunity to see Who Is She may not be around for much longer.

“I graduate in May, so I want to make sure that each show we do until then is better than the last.”


Who Is She
honey mpls
7:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 16
Click here for details