Which Minneapolis Neighborhood Is One of the Coolest in the U.S.?

Coolest corn on the cob in the country.

Coolest corn on the cob in the country.

Just about everyone and their mom has been writing love notes to our humble Land of 10,000 Lakes recently, from the Atlantic to Politico. It seems like every week, we're topping another list of what's great, what's cutting edge, and what's working. This week is no exception.

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According to Thrillist, the old Warehouse District's North Loop in Minneapolis is just about the coolest place on the Mississippi:

If there's one thing Minneapolis has, it's snow. If there's a second thing Minneapolis has, it's people with Nordic roots. And if Nordic people know one thing, it's being cool. Unclear if they know a second thing.

Well, we know Bushwick made the list of coolest neighborhoods in America as well, and Bushwick is so five minutes ago. But hell, the City Pages offices are based in the North Loop, and we're not above accepting a compliment.

The places and spaces that give us enough street cred to rank alongside the Mission in San Francisco and Chicago's Wicker Park include our ever-growing dining scene (shout out to the Bachelor Farmer, Bar La Grassa, and Haute Dish), our killer art scene, and our impeccable sense of fashion -- especially for men (hey, Askov Finlayson!).

Thanks for the love, Thrillist, we owe you a drink at Marvel Bar some time. (That is, if you can find it.)