When 'Thriller' attacks: Best MJ flash mobs

It's kind of a big week for zombies.

With Zombie Pub Crawl VII (that's 7 for all you non-Roman numeral enthusiasts) coming up on Saturday, it's time to put your bloody game-face on and start thinking like a member of the undead. So, what do zombies do exactly? They eat brains, they sometimes lick total strangers (not sure if that's true, but you should try it and see what happens), and they hide from Woody Harrelson.

Oh, and they know how to dance to "Thriller."

Every zombie with any flava from the past 20 years has dreamed of the day they can participate in a flash mob, honoring the greatest zombie pop star of all time. In fact, it seems like every October at least 20-30 new "Thriller"flash mobs pop up on YouTube, each hoping to be the next great viral sensation. And while we'd like to be super snarky and cool about this, we love watching them. That's why this week, we've compiled the top three "Thriller"zombie flash mobs for inspiration. Use them wisely.

Prison "Thriller"

While we may not be deep in the Filipino prison game (not for at least the past five years); I think we can all agree that Filipino prisoners LOVE to dance. In fact, nearly every great American dance movie of the past century has been based on a Filipino prison story. Save the Last Dance? Filipino prison story. Step Up 2: The Streets? Filipino gang-dancing story. Footloose? Kevin Bacon Filipino prison story (It's true. Bing it).

That's why it should come as no surprise that the inmates at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center decided to get their MJ on with a "Thriller" flash mob unlike any seen here in the states. Granted, most of these dudes are still rotting in jail. But thanks to the internet, they are all immortalized forever in pop culture history. Hooray Filipino prison!

Wedding "Thriller"

Has it been done like 80,000,000 times before? Of course. But these five bros absolutely
crush the "Thriller"flash mob at this wedding thanks to one thing and one thing only: intensity.

Watch every one of their faces throughout the entire video. Not a single smirk, giggle or eyebrow raise. These guys are in it to win it. Combine that intensity with the delicious flowing locks of the groom, and you've got a "Thriller" flash mob that can stand the test of time.

Girl Power "Thriller"

This one is a personal favorite. Down in Tulska, OK last Halloween, a group got together for a phenomenal "Thriller" flash mob right in the streets of their local block party. This is by far the most well planned, best choreographed crew we've seen yet, and we think there's one specific reason: no dudes.

Check out the crowd; do you see any bros? Exactly. If you can nail down a crew comprised of nothing but women, chances are your flash mob is going to be that much better. Why, you ask? Because white guys can't "Thriller." That's true regardless of their vital signs.

You've got a few days left to plan your mob, ZPC attendees. Grab your handcam, watch 13 Going on 30, about 20 more times, and don't let us down.

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