When parkour strikes back: Best parkour fail videos ever

Want to see some dudes flying around like ninjas in downtown Minneapolis?

As a part of this week's feature about the MN parkour scene, our own Ryan Brennan put together an amazing video, showcasing the insane abilities of some of the Twin Cities' best freerunners. Check it:

City Pages--MN Parkour from Black Iris Media on Vimeo.

While the aerial awesomeness demonstrated by the well-practiced, experienced parkour practicioners in the video is fun to watch, we caught ourselves thinking, "What happens if they fall?"

[jump] Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone loves a good YouTube video of people wrecking themselves. And what better way for someone to sustain great bodily harm for the entertainment than others than with a failed parkour move?

As Mitch "Skinny" Andrejka pointed out in this week's cover story, when it comes to parkour, "Sometimes fear keeps you safe."

Another thing that keeps you safe? Seeing videos of guys hurting themselves so spectacularly that you never, ever want to try it for yourself. That's why we've put together a collection of our favorite parkour fails, to serve as a cautionary tale for those who want to jump into parkour without first taking the time to hone the craft. Also, because videos of people hurting themselves are kind of amazing.

1. Dumpster fail

Just a tip for any wannabe parkour enthusiasts out there: If you are so scared of jumping 18 inches from one dumpster to another that you need to pause for five seconds, then you probably shouldn't do it. You've been warned.

2. Kids' playground fail

While no one "deserves" to have their testicles destroyed on a playground while their friend videotapes it, there's also something to be said for why you shouldn't be f'ing around at a playground when you're like 19 years old...perv.

3. Office parkour fail

Believe in your dreams.