When New Year's Eve bombs: A letter to the editor


New Year's Eve is often an event steeped in failure. Expectations run high, plans get too complicated, and sometimes you end up spending way more money than originally planned. While some folks have a good time sharing a six pack at a house party, or just go out for dinner and a movie, others end up searching for a parking spot, trying to order a drink, or passed out as the ball drops.

The following is a letter of one such instance of dashed hopes for a rocking New Year's Eve.  


We attended the Shanghaied New Year's Eve event last night organized by Thrifty Hipster. It was a complete and utter JOKE and scam. There were no acrobats, geishas or contortionists as promised. There were go-go dancers and a puppeteer, but it was no more than any other bar on any weekend night. It took over an hour to get a drink at any bar. One bartender walked off the job because she was so overwhelmed. We paid $75 per ticket for "all you can drink," and there were people with no wristbands getting free drinks because they didn't have a cash bar!

Further, they ran out of Captain Morgan, diet coke and beer before bar close. There was no organization. No one was running the karaoke machine. No one knew how to work the machine. One of the microphones had feedback the whole time. There was no gambling (as promised in the ticket purchase) because the venue got changed to a banquet hall at the Graves Hotel at the last minute.

There was no place to sit or any quiet space what-so-ever. There was ONE main bar area and it was totally lame. This was the worst NYE event that I have ever attended. They did have a dragon ice luge, but you had to wait an hour to get your shot out of the dragon's nose. I convinced 20 of my friends to go to this and they were all very disappointed. I have asked for a partial refund of my tickets. I have written to TH, but if they don't apologize for this HUGE screw up to a lot of people, I don't think I'll be attending one of their events again. By and large, this was the worst event of 2010.

Kristy Behling

So, what is your best or worst New Year's Eve story? Were you at the same party but had a blast? Tell us you celebrated your final hours in 2010.

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