When cats go Hollywood: Internet Cat Film Fest this Wednesday

When cats go Hollywood: Internet Cat Film Fest this Wednesday

The biggest show to hit Minnesota all year is happening this week at the State Fair Grandstand. No, Macklemore; you can sit down. We're talkin' bout cats.

After drawing over 10,000 cat enthusiasts to last year's event at the Walker, the Internet Cat Video Festival is back for a second installment, with more cuteness than your brain can handle. Not only will this year's festival feature special guests , such as the guy who created Keyboard Cat and Maddie Kelly from Kittens Inspired by Kittens, but uber-hilarious host (and mega-cat enthusiast) Julie Klausner will also be on hand. 

But the real stars are still the cats.

Funny cats, cute cats, rowdy cats, and people dressed as cats will be on display this Wednesday night. While cats are a lot like kids (everyone thinks theirs is the cutest), we know that in the cutthroat world of cat videos, some felines are just superior to others.

To prep you for this week's big event, we're ranking the top types of cat videos, and what they say about the animals that star in them.
Dancing cats

On the surface, it seems so innocent. A group of cats, all dancing in unison while enjoying all of the perks that come from being an international animal super group. We agree that this is stupid-cute, but what you aren't seeing in this video is the dark side of kitty boy bands. See the one with the white fur, second from the left? That guy is clearly the breakout star of the crew. He's the Timberlake in this 'N Sync equation, which means this time next year he'll be starring in Target commercials and hosting SNL at least once a year. And the other four? They'll struggle to stay relevant, and one of them will probably have a decent little career. But for the most part, it's a downward spiral of black market catnip and un-spayed lady-cats. 

Staring cats 

Meet Walter and Glinda. They engage in one of the most amazing stare downs ever seen, before shit jumps off. While you might watch this video and think, "Ooh, this couple needs counseling," the reality is that this sassy duo is getting their emotions out while also entertaining cat fans everywhere with their antics. Clearly there are no communication issues between these two, except for who is going to be the big spoon when they have their inevitable make-up kitty snuggling. A+.

Cats in water 

Oh hell yeah. This is the Breaking Bad of cat videos. It has everything: action, suspense, comic relief, and even the occasional HOLY SHIT THAT CAT JUST THREW THAT LITTLE KID IN A FOUNTAIN! A wet cat is a cat that isn't afraid to sacrifice his or her body for the sake of entertainment, and cats who like water are clearly the comedic geniuses of the feline video world. 

Go ahead, watch the full three minutes and 19 seconds, then tell us this isn't better than basically every movie you've ever seen (except for Oliver & Company, obviously. That has cats AND Billy Joel). 

Get those puff-painted cat T-shirts ready, and we'll see you Wednesday.

Internet Cat Video Festival
August 28
7 p.m.
Minnesota State Fair Grandstand
More details here

Also, more cats:

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Minnesota State Fairgrounds

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