What to wear to Eaux Claires, Pride, weddings, and other big summertime happenings


Minnesotans know how to take advantage of summer. We only get a handful of nice, sunny weeks in the year, so we pack ‘em up with festivals, weddings, block parties, beach days, grill outs, and trips to the cabin. But what does one wear to all these myriad activities? That’s where we come in.

Eaux Claires

Attending this weekend’s music festival in our neighboring Wisconsin? Opt for an outfit that can take you from day to night. Honestly, the best festival wear isn’t something seen on Instagram during Coachella, go for a pair of roomy cutoffs, sneakers, and a tank top. You can put bug spray and sunscreen in your pockets, and you don’t have to worry about showing your underwear when you sprawl out on the grass to listen to Bon Iver and friends. Indulge your inner tourist and get a fanny pack or a cross-body bag. Leather designs by Baggu are cool and classic. Oh, and don’t forget your mobile phone charger(s)!


Pride is the first big celebration of the summer, and it’s one of the best. Whether you’re hitting up the bars, the concerts and food vendors at Loring Park, or the parade, there’s something for you during Pride weekend. Target has a surprisingly cute and fun collection of Pride-wear at various Twin Cities locations, including downtown and the Quarry, if you want to wear something emblazoned with a rainbow. Of course, Pride is about celebrating uniqueness and individuality and love, so the most important thing is to show up to support your LGBTQ friends and family.

A weekend wedding

Yes, you could go for the ol’ blush pink or floral sundress, but don’t you want to stand out at a wedding — especially if you’re trying to get laid? This cheetah-print shift dress from Cliché is a way cooler, more unique choice than a swishy dress. Plus, it looks equally cute with Stan Smiths as it does with a pair of strappy heels. Rawr! (Sorry.)

Fourth of July

Please don’t celebrate America in a tacky flag tank top from Target. They’ve had their moment, and that moment is over. Instead, toast to America at the beach in this vibrant red one-piece from Nani Nalu. Hey, it is the summer of Baywatch, isn’t it? 

Bastille Day

Bastille Day is always really, really, really hot. This year, the annual Barbette-sponsored block party falls on Sunday, July 16, which tends to be the stickiest, most humid, painfully hot part of the summer. If you’re already thinking ahead to Bastille Day, get thee to Amazon Prime and order yourself a handheld fan (electric or the old-school kind) and a parasol. Yes, a parasol. It will keep the sun from scalding your face, neck, and shoulders, and create cooling, calming shade. Also opt for a breezy, loose-fitting sundress that floats away from your body, like the one above from Proper.