What to hoard from American Apparel before it closes


Do you feel like shopping this weekend? Local stores are filling their spaces with really adorable spring stuff, from vintage pieces to new floral sets. Plus, American Apparel is soon to close, so you might wanna scoop up your favorite pieces at 50-precent off before it gets really picked over.

What to buy from American Apparel: 

American Apparel is on its way out (sniff, sniff) and the Uptown store is currently offering 50-percent off everything. So what do you need to get before the legendary basics company leaves this Earth forever? Here are the pieces you can’t live without... and might want to purchase in doubles just in case:

Pencil skirt: American Apparel’s stretchy cotton pencil skirt is pretty much perfect. It stretches when you’ve put on a few extra beer pounds, but it doesn’t lose its shape and get all baggy when you’ve worn it a lot.

Deep-V: It’s an iconic AA piece. Get a few just to save them. You always need a good white T-shirt, don’t you?

Hot shorts: This is the best underwear ever! They’re cute, sexy, and comfortable. What more do you want?

Dylan trench: This silky, lightweight trench is the perfect spring piece. 

Bodysuits: Bodysuits quickly became an essential, and AA has some of the best ones. They’re getting pretty picked over, so get thee to the Uptown store right now to grab yours. The ribbed Sofia style and the thong style with a racerback are especially recommended.

Hoodies: We all had an AA hoodie back in 2008. Get one to keep as a memory, so you can tell your kids that once upon a time, there was a little store called American Apparel, and everyone was wearing its deep-V T-shirts and primary-colored hoodies to parties back in the day.

Sweatpants: Everyone needs comfy pants. AA has a bunch. Wear them all Sunday. Done.

In other spring shopping news:

Yes you can wear pajamas to dinner  -- and maybe even to work. Proper’s adorable floral separates can be worn together or in pieces depending on where you’re going. This set is very “eccentric heiress” or “1930s glam socialite just lounging around the house.” Wearing it together with a great coat and big high heels is one chic option. You could also pair the top with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans, or try the pants with a cami and a cropped jacket for work or brunch. Go ahead and make a big statement! (Proper, 2743 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis)


I recently popped into my favorite St. Paul store, Lula Vintage, to see what was new on the racks for spring. I’m so glad I did. The store is full of spring colors, from cheery yellow to pretty Easter pastels. When I was there, the store was full of high school girls shopping for their prom dresses, which is awesome. If you’re looking for a dress for Easter brunch, go to Lula. (Lula Vintage, 1587 Selby Ave., St. Paul)


You need a bodysuit. If, for some reason, you haven’t gotten one yet, try Primp’s cute options. The choker neck detailing is lovely, and this piece would be really cute with a sleek pencil skirt, cutoffs, or try a feminine, full skirt for more juxtaposition. (Primp boutiques, various Twin Cities locations.)