What to expect at the inaugural Fashion Week Minnesota this fall

Scenes from the catwalk at Envision in fall 2014 at Orchestra Hall

Scenes from the catwalk at Envision in fall 2014 at Orchestra Hall

Long live #FWMN. What's FWMN? We're glad you asked. It's the latest development in the Twin Cities fashion community: Fashion Week Minnesota.

While the Twin Cities fashion scene boasts considerable talent, the organization behind the events that brought out hundreds of fashion-minded people went through many changes over the past couple years. 

In January 2014, MNfashion went on hiatus, saying it would no longer produce Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week events (including the Shows and Voltage). A few months later, the group bounced back and announced Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week events in fall of 2014 along with efforts to build a stronger online presence to help out budding designers. Finally in September 2014, MNfashion officially called it quits through a Facebook note. 

Now named Fashion Week Minnesota, there's an entirely different set of producers at the helm who hope to breathe some new life into happenings beloved by snappy dressers and local designers throughout the Twin Cities. This year's producers include local fashion luminaries and event producers like Sarah Edwards, John Mark, TIM+THOM, Allison Vaillancourt, Anna Lee, and Kathryn Sieve. 

With seasoned event planners like Edwards and Lee on board, we're hoping that this year's series will set the tone for years to come. Edwards has made a name for herself over the past few years by producing events that highlight local talent, do-gooders, and community members with shows like I AM MPLS!, I AM ST. PAUL!, and I AM Kindness. Lee, who just founded product development studio Workerby this year, was one of the driving forces behind Voltage: Fashion Amplified, MN Fashion Week (formerly MN Fashion Weekend), and MNfashion. 

So what can Minnesota's style mavens expect to see at all the shows this fall? 

Scenes from the catwalk at Envision in fall 2014 at Orchestra Hall

Scenes from the catwalk at Envision in fall 2014 at Orchestra Hall

“We’re planning to create an environment in which fashion designers and local businesses connect more closely to the people who grow the fashion industry in the Twin Cities,” says Edwards in a press release. 

That means lots of runways, lots of clothes and accessories, and lots of opportunities to actually buy (and wear!) the stuff you're seeing on the catwalk. It sounds like the newly formed creative team behind Fashion Week Minnesota is taking to heart the strong talent we've got in the Twin Cities and branching out beyond fashion designers. They've enlisted artists, photographers, and more to flaunt the wealth of creativity in our arts community and help it thrive.

Here's to the inaugural Fashion Week Minnesota, which will take over runways throughout downtown Minneapolis September 20-26. 

Check out the full lineup of Fashion Week Minnesota events so far and start planning a full week of fashion-forward looks now.  

Sunday, September 20

The Shoot presented by WINSOME Goods and Workerby Product Development featuring a collaborative live photoshoot 

11 a.m. at Public Functionary Art Gallery

I AM Inspired, an event about the intersection between art and fashion produced by Sarah Edwards and featuring the work of local boutiques including Arrow, Semblance, D.NOLO, and Bumbershute

5 p.m. at Le Meriden Chambers Hotel

Monday, September 21

2015 Ivey Awards ceremony celebrating the finest work in Twin Cities theater, featuring a red carpet and a pre-party for VIP ticket holders

7:30 p.m. at the Historic State Theatre

Wednesday, September 23

FWMN-Homme, a menswear fashion show in the North Loop featuring looks from MartinPatrick3, Arrow, Atmosfere, Len Druskin, and Heimie’s Haberdashery

6 p.m. at Muse Event Center

Thursday, September 24

FGI Presents: Fall into Luxury, a fashion showcase featuring June, Mona Williams, and Stephanie Lake Design

7 p.m. at Maserati of Minneapolis

Friday, September 25

The LARK Fashion Show presented by TIM+THOM featuring collections from local designers and a private VIP party 

7 p.m., location TBA

Saturday, September 26

ENVISION Fall 2015 showcase featuring collections from ACG, Caroline Hayden, Jenny Carle, Cliché, Cory Allen, Joeleen Torvick, Kjurek, Russell Bourrienne, Sarah Furnae, Tessa Louise and Yevette Willaert

7 p.m. at Orchestra Hall

For more information and tickets for each event, visit Fashion Week Minnesota's website