We're looking for a few good arts freelancers


Do you have strong opinions about the local arts scene and where it's headed? Are you a fashionista who loves to spot trends and can tell the difference between a piece by Emma Berg versus Samantha Rei? Are you dying to talk about books in a way that's fun to read and not stuffy? Do your roommates hardly recognize you because you spend more time out on the town than on the couch?

City Pages is currently looking for talented people to write for our arts and entertainment blog. We're interested in sharp thinkers who can interview designers on upcoming events, attend and recap recent happenings quickly, interview big and/or up-and-coming Minnesota personalities, showcase emerging local scenes, come up with new ways to explore the Twin Cities culture, and even cover the occasional breaking news.

One of the coolest things about the arts blog is that we cover a lot of topics, and have many different writers with a variety of interests. Some examples of what falls under the arts umbrella:

Underground scenes and parties

Local standup comedy

Modern dance and new choreographers

Experimental performances

Local fashion designers and boutiques

Bike culture around town

Books and the people writing them

Film, television, and film festivals


... and pretty much anything else that doesn't fall under music, food, or hard news.

Interested applicants should be familiar with at least a few local scenes, have a strong voice, sharp wit, and be available to write posts on a regular schedule. Access to the internet is also a must, as writers will be blogging from home or their internet cafe of choice.

Does all of this sound like something you're up for? Then submit a cover letter discussing the scope of your knowledge, and your approach to arts writing. Be sure to include a resume and links to your strongest work.

Materials can be emailed to [email protected]. No calls please.