Weekly GLBT Barn Dance at Lee's Liquor Lounge

Just because we're in the city doesn't mean we won't occasionally hear square-dance calls over the noisiness of traffic and frat-boy "whoo"ing while walking through the city. It can be a welcome sound for those who want to dance, but no longer feel like grinding in stilettos.

Every Sunday evening Lee's Liquor Lounge provides a lively alternative for those who are ready for a change in the club scene routine, but still want to dance the night away.


Not quite sure how to do-si-do? Whether you're in high heels or steel toes, every GLBT Barn Dance begins with lessons on two-stepping and line-dancing. People are welcome to get down however they want of course, but when there's a room full of people Chassé-ing and promenading, it's hard not to want to join in.

This weekly Sunday night barn dance is hosted by 2-Step MSP, an GLBT and friends country dancing club. For those of you who want to study up before showing your giddy-up, they provide numerous videos on how to do the dances on their website.


GLBT Barn Dance

Free, 7 p.m.

Lee's Liquor Lounge