Watch this epic drone footage tour of Minnesota

Hey gravity: Nuts to you!

Hey gravity: Nuts to you! Tyler Mason

Here's the thing about gravity: It's an oppressive killjoy blanket that keeps feet cemented to the ground, while birds, bugs, and certain squirrels mock us from the skies. Ack, the worst! 

Thankfully, the booming drone photography industry is giving humans a second-hand taste of what the world looks like from above. Hudson, Wisconsin's Tyler Mason—a commercial drone pilot with Minneapolis-based AirVuz—recently compiled a three-minute clip of drone footage that offers a bird's-eye tour of Minnesota. 

"It's been cool to see the response the video has received, way above my expectations," Mason says of his project, which has racked up more than 65,000 views on Twitter

Soundtracked by Atmosphere's 2003 town-pride anthem "Say Shh," the video takes viewers soaring above Twin Cities landmarks as well as some outer-state ones: Minneapolis' Target Field, Duluth's Aerial Lift Bridge, Blue Earth's Jolly Green Giant statue, et. al.

"The thing I've loved about drones is that it allows us to see familiar locations in unfamiliar ways," Mason says. "I think that's why the video has resonated with people; plus, I think matching it with the Atmosphere song really helps."

All right, set your earthbound Minnesota heart to swell: