Watch Seth Meyers rave about Minneapolis Queer Bomb on Late Night [Video]

Seth Meyers talks Queer Bomb on <i>Late Night</i>

Seth Meyers talks Queer Bomb on Late Night

It's Saturday night, and instead of staying in and watching SNL in bed, you're partying with your friends at a hotel bar. A few drinks in, you turn around and what-the-what — there's an SNL alum in the flesh on Saturday night, flashing his signature smile for photos with other partiers.

Last weekend, comedian Seth Meyers was in town doling out laughs to the audience at the State Theatre before going back to his hotel with some friends for a drink. Turns out his hotel bar happened to be the surprise location of this month's local Queer Bomb.

So what's a late night talk show host to do? Keep the party going, of course.

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Queer Bomb is a monthly LGBTQ pop-up dance party that takes over different locations around the Twin Cities. Followers on the email list for dance nights like Flip Phone and Queer Bomb receive information about the surprise location 24 hours before the event where hundreds of people show up dance and hang out.

Chad Kampe, one of the event organizers, chatted with us earlier this week about the event and how Meyers showed up to party with the locals.

Clearly, Meyers had a blast with some new friends at Queer Bomb.

Clearly, Meyers had a blast with some new friends at Queer Bomb.

"We make it a queer friendly space to allow members of the LGBTQ community to go out to spaces that they maybe would not have discovered and make it safe," explains Kampe. "There's a lot of behind the scenes work because they're actually more work than Flip Phone."

Creating a safe space means lots of planning before guests get the lowdown on where the Queer Bomb drops each month. Some of the preparation involved in making each event successful includes doing a walkthrough of the space, educating the staff, and creating drink specials for the Queer Bombers.

Kampe, who also DJs at Queer Bomb each month, told us what it was like to have Meyers crash this month's event at the Library Bar in the basement of Marin.

"He knew exactly what queer bomb was," says Kampe. "Matt, my husband, went up to him to give him a sticker. [Meyers] said 'Oh yeah! This is for the Queer Bomb! Awesome!' He produced that language — not us. I don't know if he was briefed into what was going on at the space, but he was excited to just be there. He was really nice to everyone and took a sticker."

Photos of Meyers and event-goers trickled through social media over the weekend, each one showing him beaming and sporting a rainbow heart sticker.

We thought that was the last we'd hear of the random celebrity sighting, but last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the comedian raved about the time he had at Queer Bomb. He even showed off a fan photo from that night on air.

Check out Meyers sharing his experience at Queer Bomb... and how what he thought was a mini rainbow lightsaber at the event was, in fact, not actually a lightsaber.