Watch Bill Murray's charming visit to the St. Paul Saints [VIDEO]

Pictured: Brian Doyle-Murray, Bill Murray, Bill Murray's floppy hat.

Pictured: Brian Doyle-Murray, Bill Murray, Bill Murray's floppy hat. Facebook

Bill Murray loves baseball, and has an extra-big place in his heart for the minor leagues. 

That's obvious from Murray's creation of 'Extra Innings,' a new web series dedicated to tours of minor league franchises and ballparks around the country.

Minnesotans might've known of Murray's affinity already. The actor is part-owner of the St. Paul Saints, and is a regular attendee of games in the capital city. That becomes obvious to viewers of the 'Extra Innings' visit to the Saints, as Murray obviously knows his way around the ballpark. 

Not all of it, though: Nearly two minutes of this video depict Murray piloting a golf cart and navigating very, very slowly through the bowels of CHS Field, in an attempt to reach the baseball diamond. This video would normally hit the cutting room floor. But when Bill Murray's driving, and his brother Brian Doyle-Murray is the passenger, it's still pretty funny.

Things get far livelier later, as Bill -- a good baseball player in his youth, who still likes to take a few cuts, according to Brian -- steps into the box for batting practice. Verdict: Decent swing, given that Murray is 68... and made his living as an actor. 

For our money, the highlight of the video is Bill and Brian standing just next to the cage, watching Saints guys swing, and riffing on their flaws. We won't spoil the joke, but it turns out none of them are viable  prospects... though for reasons that have nothing to do with baseball.

The Murray brothers watching batting practice could be its own show, and if it was, we'd watch religiously. As it happens, we only have this clip below, plus the four other episodes of 'Extra Innings' out so far.