Watch 33 couples get married during free wedding ceremonies at Hennepin Government Center this Valentine’s Day

Kyndell Harkness, Star Tribune

Kyndell Harkness, Star Tribune

Want to give your sweetheart an idea for what you’d like to be surprised with next year?

Head on down to the Hennepin County Courthouse atrium on Tuesday, February 14 at noon to watch 33 couples get married, roughly one couple every 15 minutes, by a dozen Fourth Judicial District Court Judges. If you’ve never been to this lovely event, it is truly a thing to behold: A bunch of in-love couples of every age and persuasion surrounded by family and friends and strangers, professing their love and affection for all the world to see. Isn’t that what the big day is all about?

And, if you’re of a certain mindset, keep an eye on the government website around this time next year. Available spots for free Valentine’s Day ceremonies fill up within minutes.

11:45 a.m. – Pre-ceremony check-in
12:00 p.m. – Program starts
Welcome by Honorable William Koch, Fourth Judicial District
Soloist – Honorable Ivy Bernhardson, Fourth Judicial District
Background music by a string quartet, Musica Ipsa Loquitor

Hennepin County Government Center
300 South Sixth St., Mpls.
Skyway Level Public Service Level reflection pool