Want to Live in Josh Hartnett's House?

Which Minnesota celeb is selling his house? This guy!

Which Minnesota celeb is selling his house? This guy!

Do you wish you lived in a traditional Victorian house? Do you like ice skating? Do you have $2,395,000 burning a hole in your wallet? You're in luck. Josh Hartnett just put his house on the market.

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When he's not getting lap dances from Jimmy Fallon, fans have been able to see Hartnett in Penny Dreadful and Parts Per Billion, with The Lovers coming up later this year. Hartnett's return to the spotlight means he's got less time to spend in his hometown. After 13 years, our latest Local Boy Made Good is downsizing from his East Isles home to a smaller spot.

So, what are you getting for that $2.4 million price tag? Let's take a look at those now-hallowed halls by the numbers:

Square Feet: 5,056 (4,375 above ground and 681 below, in case you were curious)

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3.5

Number of cars you could park in the garage: Four

Gorgeous wine cellars: 1

Sophisticated public and private spaces: Many, according to the listing

Terrible kitchens: 0

Gourmet kitchens: 1

Places to swim: 1

Acres of land to frolic on: 0.4

Years the house has existed: 128

Number of supernatural entities: 1 (The ghost of kinship you share with Hartnett having bought his house.)

Note: The house does not come with Josh Hartnett. (And that's not his stuff in there, either.)

2405 East Lake of the Isles Parkway, Minneapolis MN from Spacecrafting on Vimeo.

Do those roaming drone shots and lounge music-by-way-of-soft rock sound familiar? That's because this video is courtesy of Spacecrafting Productions. (Also because the music sounds ridiculously similar to Jimmy Fallon's Thank You Notes music.)

Doesn't ring a bell? They're the folks that brought us Dollar Store Ryan Gosling in his bro-ed out Uptown Condo and Dollar Store Owen Wilson in his lakeside Minnetonka home... which begs the question: Why didn't they take this golden opportunity to show off a Dollar Store Josh Hartnett?