Wanna buy this 'incomplete castle' in rural Minnesota?

Goodhue County's finest castle.

Goodhue County's finest castle. RE/MAX Cannon Realty

Your kingdom awaits, my liege.

.... provided you're in the market for a partially completed castle in rural Minnesota.

Such a property exists in Dennison, located about an hour south of the Twin Cities, and it's going for $400,000. Potential rulers of the 6.2-acre lot should be handy, considering only part of the blueprint has been realized. Once completed, the medieval-style home will boast three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two fireplaces. It can't be that hard to dig a moat, if that's your thing. 

You might be asking yourself: What's a random-ass castle doing in Goodhue County?

The real estate listing offers precious little info: 

"Incomplete Castle! Exciting location with unique building plans but unable to continue. If you're a builder or can see the finished product, come and see or call for more details."

But the Bemidji Pioneer paints a more complete picture.

The castle is Gary Arntson Sr.'s passion project, the newspaper reports. Armed with architectural plans and a small crew, Arntson, an experienced craftsman from South St. Paul, began building the structure during his free time in the late '90s. He was going to live in the finished castle with his wife, but illness derailed that dream. Arntson hopes a new owner will complete his project. 

"There's probably nothing like that in the state," Red Wing-based real estate agent Stacee Draz tells the Pioneer.

Vandals and thieves have taken notice. Local cops keep the castle on their "frequent patrol" route; it's been damaged, robbed, and trespassed upon at least 12 times since 1997, the Pioneer reports. 

Some additional walls -- and possibly that aforementioned moat! -- should keep the peasantry out.

Enjoy these bonus images, courtesy of RE/MAX Cannon Realty: