Wanna buy the tiniest Twin Cities tiny house we've ever encountered?

Executive Realty Inc.

Executive Realty Inc.

Last week, we highlighted the tiniest tiny home for sale in the Twin Cities. But its itty-bitty throne was just snatched by another south Minneapolis cutie. 

Welcome to 5629 25th Ave. S., the smallest house currently available in the greater metro region. Built in 1900, the 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom, 376-square-foot (!) Nokomis property is a whopping 34 percent smaller than the previous tiny champ in Longfellow. It hit the market Sunday for $150,000, also making it the most affordable single-family home on the Southside. 

Realtor Phil Beaumia is aware his listing is the tiniest in town, and he's extremely familiar with it: He handled its last sale and managed it as a rental before that. 

"People are like, '376 square feet?!'” Beaumia says with a chuckle. "But you walk in there, and it doesn't feel cramped — each space has its own space."

Those spaces haven't been neglected. In the past decade, the electric, plumbing, HVAC, and windows have all been updated. Unlike with most rentals, there's an expansive yard with a fire pit, garage, and unfinished basement. 

"Rents are so high right now, even if you were to get a studio, you’re paying upwards of 11- to 12-hundred dollars," Beaumia points out, accurately. "Here, you have your own space."

The previous seller received enticing tear-down offers from developers, Beaumia reports, but they were determined to preserve the space as affordable housing. The current owners love the house they purchased for $132,500 in early 2019, according to county records, but they "know the market is hot" and want to move closer to family, Beaumia says.

Ten years ago, selling a tiny house would've been a challenge, but the market for them has exploded. Tiny living has become a movement

"People are becoming minimalists," Beaumia says. "Biking to work, being more cognizant of having a smaller footprint.”

In other square footage news: Here's what it's like selling the largest home for sale in Minnesota, which is still available at the discounted price of $6.4 million; it's roughly 22,000 square feet bigger than the smallest. Elsewhere, there's already an offer on the tiniest cabin for sale in Minnesota.

Let's take a photo tour of  5629 25th Ave. S., courtesy of Executive Realty Inc. and Karena Photography: