WAMarchy celebrates anarchy at the Weisman Art Museum's final blowout party


The Weisman Art Museum on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota campus is a stunning sight in and of itself, yet the staff manages to regularly curate shows that rival Frank Gehry's abstract stainless steel exterior. As employees prepare to close the museum for an entire year in order to add five more galleries, they've planned one last party of historic proportions. The event is named WAMarchy, and the theme is breaking museum rules of conduct.


In order to safely construct new galleries at the Weisman, all of the art has been removed and put into storage, leaving the space desperately in need of some color. To remedy those bare walls, graffiti artists from Cult Status Gallery will be working on a group mural. And for those of you who have always wanted to have one your creations exhibited in a prestigious museum, you're welcome to contribute too by bringing one of your own works of art (on paper) to hang on the wall. If you don't have anything prepared, materials will be available to create something at the event.

No longer taboo, there will be plenty to eat and drink in the galleries as well. D'Amico Catering will dish out tacos, satay, and banh mi to snack on. In addition to a full cash bar, there will also be a complimentary wine tasting. No need to whisper in the echo-filled hallways either. In fact, you'll have to speak up if you want to be heard over performances by the God Damn Doo Wop Band and Off with Their Heads.

Tickets for this 18+ event are quickly becoming very scarce, so don't hesitate to purchase them online or by calling the Northrop ticket office at 612.624.2345. Admission is $16 for WAM members and students and $20 for the general public. More details about WAMarchy can be found on their website. To find out more about the Weisman Art Museum's expansion project, visit their news and events blog.