Wall-to-Wall Walker: Come for the art, stay for the judo

With its art, performances, film screenings, restaurant, gift shop, and more, the Walker has everything you need to stay the entire day -- and that's exactly what they're inviting you to do this weekend with the Wall-to-Wall Walker celebration. This annual, free, day-into-night event makes all of their exhibits accessible for 10 hours of fun. Explore the art and participate in making your own if you are so inspired.

Begin your Walker-themed day with an art-making session at 10 a.m. The entire family is welcome to create an alternative living space using found materials. Then move on to discovering the innovative art of Yves Klein by viewing examples of his famous color creation (International Klein Blue), and learning about how he painted with fire.

Next, give your feet a rest and watch The Finger Trap, a short film by Julia Mclean about a mischievous toy. Another screening event is the 2010 All City Youth Media Network Video Showcase. Films in this series are made by local filmmakers under 18 and are appropriate for people high school age and up.

One of the major highlights of Wall-to-Wall will surely be the judo demonstration. Yves Klein was entranced by this physical art form, so much so that he earned a black belt from the Kôdôkan Institute in Tokyo in 1952. In fact, the experience inspired him to write the book Le Fondements du Judo (The Foundations of Judo). At 11 and 11:30 a.m., the Midway Judo Club will demonstrate kata, which are attack and defense moves, and randori, a.k.a. free-style sparring.

Wall-to-Wall Walker is a free event that begins at 10 a.m. on Saturday, December 4 and runs until 8 p.m. For a full list of exhibitions and activities, check out the museum's event page. The Walker shop and restaurants will be open as well.

Wall-to-Wall Walker: Come for the art, stay for the judo
Image by Cameron Wittig for the Walker Art Center

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