Walker Art Center's Artsy Mini-Golf Returns This Spring

Snake Bite! by Kyle Fokken

Snake Bite! by Kyle Fokken

Summertime at the Walker Art Center isn't just about Rock the Garden, the International Cat Film Fest, and Music and Movies. It's also about mini-golf. Over the years, the museum has invited local artists and organizations to design putt-putt holes to be played on the west side of the Sculpture Garden during the spring and summer months. The results have often paid homage to the museum's permanent collection, and have been whimsical and interactive in a variety of ways.

The 18-hole, two-course fun is returning in 2015. So whether you're looking to get the kids out of the house or for a cute activity for a date night, the Walker on the Green's mini-golf has you covered.

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There will be four new holes this season. There's the hot-dog themed Let's Be Frank, the vintage vehicle-inspired Keep on Truckin', a hole that pays tribute to the iconic work of Andy Warhol, and Red Haring, a challenge celebrating '80s NYC and artist Keith Haring. This year local artists -- Yousif Del Valle, Tom Loftus, Andrew MacGuffie, Meena Mangelvedhekar, and Amy Toscani -- came together to collaborate on the new designs.

Walker on the Green will be bringing back old favorites as well. Sarah Burns's Putt R. Mutt lets you putt toward a urinal a la Marcel Duchamp's Fountain, Aaron Dysart's Rock! Garden turns obstacles into musical moments, and Snake Bite! by Kyle Fokken involves winding paths.

Also returning is the Dog House, where guests can enjoy hot dogs (plus veggie options) and other refreshments.

Mini-golf runs from May 21 to September 7, and is open Wednesday through Sunday. Tickets are $9 to $19, and admission to the Walker Art Center is included in that price. For more info, visit