Walker Art Center launches digital scavenger hunt

Walker Art Center launches digital scavenger hunt
There's more to do than take photographs of the Spoon Cherry the next time you visit the Sculpture Garden. Bring your cell phones and get ready for an interactive scavenger hunt.

This summer, participants can text LETSPLAY to 22771 to begin the game. Moments later they will receive their first clue, leading them throughout the garden. Once players are certain that they have the answer they can text back with a special code found on the artwork.

The game takes about 30 minutes to play, but also can be enjoyed over days, or the entire summer. Clues range from fun facts about artwork, materials used in their creation, and visual descriptions. Players who answer all seven questions correctly will win a free treat at the Open Bar & Grill.

The game is free, though texting rates apply. The scavenger hunt ends September 5.

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