Walker Art Center Announces Major Arts Journalism Conference


Along with the rest of journalism, the world of arts criticism is changing. Artists promote their events on social media. Anyone can share their thoughts on exhibitions online. Freelance work is competitive and doesn't pay well. So where does this leave the professionals?

How the internet, non-traditional venues, and social media are impacting the world of arts criticism will be examined at Superscript: Arts Journalism and Criticism in a Digital Age, a three-day conference organized by the Walker and MN Artists. Speakers include folks from Buzzfeed, e-flux, the Los Angeles Times, Pitchfork, and Vice.

[jump] The conference will take place at the museum from May 28 to 30. Tickets are $200, and go on sale today. The event features two keynote speakers: Ben Davis, who has written for Frieze,, and the Village Voice; and James Bridle, whose work can be seen in Wired, the Atlantic, the Guardian, and the Observer. There will also be four panel talks, covering topics like sustainability, crowd sourcing, and community.

The event isn't just lectures. On the schedule are also special happenings, including a premiere screening of a short film by James Richards (perhaps a time to try a little criticism?), and an after-party at Le Meridien Chambers, which boasts the Burnet Gallery, featuring a DJ set by Claire Evans (Yacht).

For a complete schedule of events, and to buy tickets (only three-day passes are available, but a round of mini golf is included!), visit the event page. (Word of warning: We live in a digital age where websites can be confusing. This one is a little confusing.)