Walker Art Center announces 2010-11 season

For the next twenty minutes, Bither lays out the new season at the Walker, and it is little short of dizzying in variety and scope. The operative word here is interdisciplinary: a major puppetry initiative, dance, music, and performance that more often than not transcend easy description and narrow categorization. 

"People are willing to integrate new types of techniques and disciplines," Bither adds. "With aspects of performance that create something that isn't quite theater but doesn't have a label yet--even performance art is too narrow."

As an example, Bither cities an "installation performance of Japanese American dance theater artists." He adds, "They'll perform six hours a day in the permanent gallery space at the Walker."

A few things to investigate online: that puppetry initiative, a jazz-film fusion, a theater-film mash-up, a dance-theater collision, and a European-themed Out There series. For a full sense of the scope of what's to come, check out the Walker's upcoming offerings in dance, theater, music, and film. And as a final note, Walker performing arts tickets remain one of the better entertainment values--not counting the time you spend sorting through all the offerings and settling on which ones you're going to attend. 

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