Voting for the Walker's Internet Cat Vid Fest's Golden Kitty award is now open

It's a tough task, but someone has to do it. Since last summer, the folks at the Walker Art Center have been watching cat videos online, whittling an epic list of submissions down to a manageable selection of nominees for 2014's Internet Cat Video Fest's coveted Golden Kitty award. The competition should be tough this year, as the felines from past winning vids -- Henri 2: Paw de Deux and The Original Grumpy Cat -- have gone on to animal infamy. This year's nominees are adorable, and should serve you well as a lovely way to kill a few moments at work. Clips include a Star Wars parody, a kitty that can't stop playing with its favorite toy, and a cat that simply does not care that its human is trying to record a yoga session.

You can watch the top videos after the jump, then follow the link at the bottom to place your vote on this weighty matter. The winner will be announced August 14 at the big free festival on the Walker's hill.

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Are you ready to vote? This year you have two options.

Option 1:

Click on the link here and vote in the poll.

Option 2:

Log in to twitter and tweet the following: I vote for [the name of the vid you love here] #goldenkittyaward #catvidfest

You can follow the kitty-fest shenanigans at @CatVidFest or keep an eye on