'Viva Las Vegas' at the Trylon New Year's Eve


There is nothing like a good old-fashioned Elvis flick to get you in the mood for ringing in the New Year in style. Part of the Trylon and Take-Up Productions' latest classic film series, Color Me Gone: The Racing Picture, Viva Las Vegas and its boppin' musical numbers between Elvis and Ann-Margret in Sin City will get you bouncing off to your bash with vintage-like zeal.  [jump]

Viva Las Vegas will screen at 7:30 and 8:40 p.m. on Friday night at the Trylon, giving you plenty of time to take in the swinging tunes of Elvis and still make it to a celebration before midnight. 

​The chance to see this 1964 classic on the big screen is rare, and $8 well spent. The flick was just one of many of Elvis' music movies (there were 33 total), but it definitely stands out among the rest. 

Most critics and fans alike believe this was one of the best in the bunch, and the onscreen chemistry between Elvis and Ann-Margret is obvious. So obvious, this film launched decades of rumors that the pair were linked off-screen, despite Elvis' public relationship with Priscilla at the time.

The film features Ann-Margret as swim instructor Rusty, and highlights life in Las Vegas at the grooviest of times. The movie has Elvis playing a racecar driver named Lucky who is trying to earn money for an engine, but who gets sidetracked by the hip shaking moves of Rusty, naturally. 

So when money is low and racing seems impossible, a little singing can go a long way--at least wherever Elvis is concerned. Tickets to the screening are available online, and for a Viva Las Vegas sampling, check out the snippet below as Elvis, er Lucky, sings "The Lady Loves Me" to Ann-Margret (Rusty).