VitaminwaterZERO: Flourish fashion show in review

At last night's rooftop fashion show seven designers each created one look inspired by one of the seven new flavors of VitaminwaterZERO. The actual runway event was short and sweet, with short commentary from the designers at the end. It took place at the Skybar of the Crowne Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, which served as an ideal, intimate setting for a smaller event like this one.

Although it was one of the hottest nights of summer, Minneapolis fashionistas flooded the rooftop and cooled down with (overpriced) VitaminwaterZERO cocktails. The evening included local designers Kerry Riley, Danielle Everine, Max Lohrbach, Ivan Idland, Emma Berg, Calpurnia Peach, and Laura Fulk.

Danielle Everine's couture creation was first. She had the green tea flavor, and made an outfit with a Western/Chinese/vagabond feel. Everine designed a three-piece look with a pair of wide leg pants, a bell sleeve top, and a shrunken vest. A quiver and arrows topped off her look for a dramatic finish.

Ivan Idland's effort was second. He had the lemonade flavor called "Squeezed." Ivan explained that he wanted his model to appear squeezed, literally, and to look a little like an upside down basket of lemons. We think he succeeded. His outfit included a burlap-type bodice top and exaggerated bloomer pants. He also drew inspiration from southern country girls sipping lemonade on front porches.

Max Lohrbach was the third designer to show. His look was based on the orange flavor. His take was literal: a bustier, plus a full skirt mini dress with orange detailing, tulle underlay, and plastic overlay. Lohrbach said that the tulle represented the mineral content in Vitaminwater, the orange detailing represented the orange (obviously), and the plastic overlay represents the "semi-eternity of plastic bottling."

Emma Berg's look
Emma Berg's look
Photo by Christian Erickson

Emma Berg's look was fourth. She did a very sassy interpretation of the grape-raspberry flavor. She constructed a purple gingham bustled dress with her signature draping the highlight.

Local duo Calpurnia Peach went next with their mango-peach inspired look. They showed a cute mini dress that incorporated both peach- and mango-colored fabrics. The designers also stitched some beaded detailing on the neckline that could be interpreted as the pit of a peach--very textural.

Next was Kerry Riley of Needle & Black. She had the mixed berry flavor, "Go-Go." Riley designed a deep berry tone gown with a graduated hem. She also created cute red patent-leather detailing at the waist that read very go-go dancer. The dress seemed to have the best construction of the seven looks and was later chosen as the winning piece by the panel of judges.

The final look was by Laura Fulk. She had the "xxx" acai-blueberry-pomegranate flavor. Fulk showed a black mini dress with a cap that was black and deep berry toned. Her look stayed true to her dramatic aesthetic and was very well received.

Overall, the show was a great demonstration of local talent and a fun way to spend a hot summer evening.

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