Vincent Kartheiser's very '90s Pioneer Press ad

Vincent Kartheiser's very '90s Pioneer Press ad
Tony Nelson for City Pages.

Walsh was kind enough to dig up the ad and post it to his Youtube page Monday. For Mad Men fans, it's a sight to behold. Young Kartheiser plays the part of a hip, ever-so-90s teenager, who walks into his house listening to his cassette player. The dad character tries to impress his son by relating his vast knowledge of the band Beangirl, but Kartheiser is immediately suspicious, and finds a trench-coated young Walsh feeding him lines from the closet.

Check it out:

In his early teens, Kartheiser began landing work in Hollywood, beginning with the part of "Orphan Boy" in Untamed Heart. He went on to pick up roles in popular kids' movies like Indian in the Cupboard and Little Big League.

For more of young Kartheiser, here's the preview for 1996's Alaska, a movie about two kids who embark on a journey to rescue their father -- with a little help from a polar bear.

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