Victoria's Secret closed: Is Uptown finally dead?

See ya in Lingerie Heaven :-(

See ya in Lingerie Heaven :-( Google Street View

Bad news for anyone who considered Victoria's Secret the cultural linchpin of Minneapolis' Uptown neighborhood: The underwear shop -- one of around 1,000 VS locations in the U.S. -- is gone forever. 

The Uptown Victoria's Secret closed on January 21 after 10 years in business, Twin Cities Business Magazine reports. The two-story retail space at the intersection of Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue is now available to lease, according to Ruth Weisberg of Morton Realty LLC, which owns the building. 

"There has been enormous interest," says Weisberg, who tells T.C. Biz Mag that her family decided not to renew Victoria's Secret's lease. "There’s all kinds of things we’re thinking of ... That is the marquee corner."

As for the cultural death of Uptown, we're years past the funeral at this point. Today we mourned the loss of a cool Arby's sign, which -- while certainly cool! -- didn't exactly boast punk-rock cachet like the Uptown Bar (aka the current Apple Store). Among the recently announced additions to Uptown: this B-Dubs Express and this amorously branded hotel.

When did the ol' Victoria's Secret spot last possess "Old Uptown" authenticity? When it was a GAP, if we're to believe City Pages music editor Keith Harris. 


Unconventional take! 

So, tell us readers, when did Uptown die for you