Varsity Theater wins America's Best Bathroom 2013

Best. Bathroom. Ever.

Best. Bathroom. Ever.

It's an unusual honor, but one to be proud of: The Varsity Theater in Dinkytown Minneapolis has been named America's Best Bathroom of 2013 by bathroom product supplier Cintas Corporation.

The fab bathroom will now be inducted into the uber-prestigious Hall of Fame. This is the first win for Minnesota, although the Walker Art Center was a previous nominee.

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[jump] So, how did Varsity get nominated? The panel of judges sought restrooms across the nation that had wild design elements, elegant ease of use, revolutionary layouts, or were just plain bizarre. The competition was stiff; johns up for voting included a really cool '80s video-game restroom, the Waldorf Astoria, and a restroom encased in glass where the user can see in, but no one can see out. 

As for the Varsity, the bathroom's whimsy and easy-access booze was what really caught their attention:

The restroom, decorated with ornate, gilded mirrors, sassy text plates, and bricks laid as if by a drunken mason on bender, invites guests into an Alice In Wonderland-like grotto - to relieve themselves and re-live childhood fairy tales. One part old-fashioned powder room one part lounge, this restroom allows concert-goers to take a break in an area from which one can still view and hear the stage. Bartenders even serve drinks over the back counter into the restroom area, offering a VIP experience to every guest.

Once the nominees were announced, the public was invited to vote for the best bathroom, and the Varsity prevailed. Minnesota, you have ranked at the top of yet another list!

To take a slideshow tour of the bathroom, and to see some of the other insane and insanely beautiful bathrooms nominated this year, check out Cintas's contest site.