Urban Outfitters is probably leaving Uptown. Is Uptown now alive?

Urban Outfitters is looking to get the fuck out of Uptown.

For decades, the shop has shilled its pricey wares to youths shopping in Uptown. Now, wannabe hipsters may have to travel to the Mall of America if they want to score a $129 Kent State sweatshirt covered in blood or a tapestry that kinda looks like Holocaust garb, as Cushman & Wakefield have the 3006 Hennepin Avenue location listed on their site.

The fact sheet does not detail when the nearly 14,000 square-foot space would be available. The asking price is listed as “negotiable,” so if you’re looking for new digs, consider making an offer.

Should UO move on, it would be on trend; many major retailers have vacated the neighborhood in recent years, including North Face, Columbia, and Victoria’s Secret, whose stupidly big space still sits empty years later. H&M, MAC, Penzeys Spices, and Sephora are still kickin’ it in Uptown, however, and super rad places like Magers & Quinn, Uptown Theatre, and Kitchen Window seem to be doing just fine.

Urban Outfitters isn’t hurting for cash; the company, which also owns Anthropologie, reported an annual revenue of $3.95 billion for 2019. It’s unclear, however, whether or not the Uptown spot was pulling its weight.

Over the years, Urban Outfitters has frequently faced controversy. The shop’s founder and CEO, Richard Hayne, was a big supporter of neo-conservative Rick Santorum in the mid-aughts, and refuses to disclose his views on LGBTQ rights, despite the company partnering with queer YouTube influencers and pimping Pride products.

Appropriating the works of independent artists has also become the shop’s MO. Several groups have taken legal action, including Navajo Nation, which was not amused when UO christened a pair of underwear and a booze flask after their tribe.

As for Uptown, its biggest controversy continues to be whether or not it's dead.


Is Uptown alive?
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