Urban Assault Ride rescheduled due to government shutdown

Folks who were planning to take to the streets for the Urban Assault Ride will have to wait a little longer as event organizers have announced that they will have to postpone the ride and party due to the government shutdown.

[jump] The event, now in its fifth year in Minneapolis, invites cyclists of various skill levels to ride throughout the city, stopping in at checkpoints to complete various silly tasks, including toy bike obstacle courses, trivia, and other wacky challenges. The day typically ends with a friendly party involving beer and music.

Event organizers Adventure Fit are rescheduling the event due to an inability to secure a liquor license for the afterparty. We have to wonder, will these sort of announcements become a trend for touring events that don't have all of their permits and paperwork already complete? Talk about harshing our summertime buzz.

Although the ride is definitely canceled for July 31, the new date has been announced for September 11--assuming that things are up and running again by then.

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