Uptown Blockbuster liquidation sale starts tomorrow

Uptown Blockbuster liquidation sale starts tomorrow
Photo snapped by kyleeleonetti on Instagram
Last week, it was announced the Blockbuster would be shutting down all of its physical stores by the end of January 2014. It appears that the Uptown location will start selling their collection ASAP, as one Minnesota resident snapped this image and posted it on Instagram.

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Looking to stock up on seasons of your favorite cable show? Hoping to snag some shitty '80s horror flicks for your archives? Are you missing the volleyball flick in your


collection? You'll have the opportunity to see what horrible, horribly awesome, and pretty good stuff is available to add to your DVD pile, as the sign on the store's door indicates that they're starting to liquidate their merchandise this Thursday.

Calls to the shop have yielded no response (probably because they're currently closed, natch), but if the store is sticking to its regular hours, then the sale will begin at 10 a.m.

The Uptown Blockbuster is located at 2224 Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis.

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