Up-Down screens an old Nintendo movie (be thankful it's not 'Super Mario Bros.'): Free things this week

This is what video-game cool looked like in 1989.

This is what video-game cool looked like in 1989.

This week in free things to do we have a trash-fueled art show, a campy '80s movie, and a free fest outside U.S. Bank Stadium. Come take a look. 

Traveling Patio Picture Show: The Wizard
Up-Down Minneapolis
In the late 1980s, we had no idea what a video-game tournament would look like. Back then, The Wizard suggested that it would entail young kids playing Mario Brothers 3 in front of adoring fans at a location that kind of looks like the game itself. These days, we know that tourneys are mostly adults revved up on Monster Energy playing in a windowless room with other gamers (or from home). Those were simpler times. The Wizard stars Fred Savage (aka Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years) as a little boy who breaks his younger brother out of a mental institution. Together, they make friends with a young girl and hitchhike their way to California in hopes of winning $50,000 in a tournament. Will the bounty hunters their parents sent after them catch them? That's the (kinda dark) plot of this hilariously dated movie, which at the time was considered to basically be an ad for Nintendo's much-hyped (and kinda sucky) Power Glove. Play some sweet games from the era at Up-Down, drink a pint or two, and enjoy the show outdoors at sundown. 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. Free. 3012 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612-823-3487.

Party on the Plaza
U.S. Bank Stadium
One of the perks of the warm season in the Twin Cities is that free outdoor festivals pop up everywhere. One such ongoing happening is Party on the Plaza. Even if you can’t afford ticket to the X Games or the Vikings, you can still hang out at the new stadium for free, as there will be weekly happy hours outside for the next four weeks. Each Thursday, you’ll find food and beverages for sale, and there will be lawn games for those who need to stretch their legs after a day at the office. The musical lineup includes Tim Mahoney (May 18), Chris Hawkey (May 25), Kat Perkins (June 1), and G.B. Leighton (June 8). 4:30 to 8 p.m. Thursdays. Free. 900 S. Fifth St., Minneapolis; 612-338-4537.


David Hamlow: Mirror Stage
Minnesota Museum of American Art
David Hamlow as been collecting garbage from residents of the Pioneer Endicott building. From the cardboard and plastic detritus, art has emerged. Check out his geodesic structures and other pieces this Thursday, and consider the impact our trash has on the environment. There will be an opening reception featuring Hamlow and the show’s curator, Christopher Atkins, from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday, May 25. Free. 141 E. Fourth St., the Historic Pioneer Endicott, St. Paul; 651-797-2571.