Up Close and Purr-sonal at the Saintly City Cat Show [Video]

Folks were feline feeling fine at the Saintly City Cat Show this year. We got a peek at some of the most interesting-looking cats at the 2015 show held at Roy Wilkins Auditorium.

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This weekend marked the 39th annual cat-centric competition put on by the Saintly City Cat Club, and we got down to the bottom of what exactly those judges are looking for in the pur-fect feline.

Each cat earns points based on how close he or she is to the written standards given to each breed, and these standards chart everything from eye size to ear shape. This year, there were over 130 cats -- including both pedigreed cats and regular ol' house cats -- competing for various ribbons in St. Paul.

Suffice to say, this weekend's celebration of local kitties was litter-ally the cat's meow.

Video production by Meghan Kotz for City Pages.

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