Unicorn Art Show 2 at Casket Arts was pure magic

The Unicorn Art Show 2 – a celebration of the mythical horned beasts – was a magical evening of art, entertainment, and beauty. The Thursday night adventure started in Powderhorn Park, where costumed cyclists gathered to journey en masse to Casket Arts in northeast Minneapolis. Entering the gallery was like entering the Emerald City. Aerial acrobats twirled from the rafters on streamers of sapphire silk, dazzling the crowd with their skill and grace. Buskers plied their trade, applying delicate swirls of paint and henna to guests who wanted some extra magic. If you like unicorns, viewing the art was a visual candy shop. The fantastical creatures abounded in realistic paintings, cartoon whimsy, effervescent light displays, finely crafted wooden objects, diorama, and cross stitch. Even the guests were works of art, donned in their finest mystical garb, unicorn costumes, and hair every hue of the rainbow. The gallery was small, making it difficult to properly view all the art, but that did not detract from the magic. The evening was definitely a unicorn of a different color. All photos by E. Katie Holm on April 7, 2016.