Umber Studios to move to Oregon, throw one last party


While it's always sad to discover that a gallery is closing, at least Umber Studio's exit will be bittersweet: Though studio owner and artist Jessica Helvey will be leaving Minnesota in a matter of days, she plans to bring the artistic spirit of Umber with her to Oregon.

You can say bon voyage to the gallery space at a very special Valentine's Day party this weekend.

[jump] Since its opening in 2007 the gallery, which also serves as a studio space, has hosted a variety of notable shows. Past events include a publication party for the art journal i do believe, a gallery show featuring the 365 drawings resulting in a year-long collaboration by artist Jessie Draxler and musician/writer Benjamin Kucera, and colorful works by Terrence Payne.

The final party kicks off at 8 p.m. this Saturday February 12. It's a Valentine's Day themed farewell event, and will feature installation works by DC Ice, Jessica Helvey, Rebecca Sullivan, and Torey Bonar for one night only.

According to the event postcard, Umber Studios is scheduled to reopen "in a little mountain town in Oregon" in summer of 2013. We wish it well.

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