Two friends collab in Synchrony, a fall/winter clothing collection featuring practical streetwear

Photographer: DK Tong Stylist: Christina Warner Models: Samuel Herold and Maddie Nolan

Photographer: DK Tong Stylist: Christina Warner Models: Samuel Herold and Maddie Nolan Synchrony

Synchrony is the perfect name for the 2019 fall/winter 2019 line from local brands Yessenya and NSOD. The collaboration debuted last weekend at a pop-up at Sandbox Theatre.

Designers Gerald Edwards (NSOD) and Bris Carbajal (Yessenya) have been friends since high school. “We really were there for each other plenty of times,” recalls Edwards. After sharing ideas about design, materials, and production over the years, they now also have an artistic partnership. “It's easy to work together,” says Carbajal.

With this collection, it was important for both of them to create something new while still representing design elements from each brand. The muted fall tones are a departure from the bold colors typically employed by both designers. Yessenya’s feminine, flowy garments are represented in pieces like the “Frost Shirt,” which is made from a sheer material that reveals the shape of the body while having a loose fit. Meanwhile, the “Windy Skirt” is made from a water-resistant nylon material, a nod to NSOD’s signature windbreakers.

Another concern: “A lot of times with streetwear, functionality is left out,” Edwards explains. So the garments he designs are often bright and playful, with thoughtful details that make each piece practical. In this collection, however, the playful elements are less focused on color and logos and more on the placement of colors and details. For example, the “Synchrony Hoodie” has a zippered kangaroo pocket and asymmetrical sleeve details.

Those who are already hungry for another collab will be relieved to know that it will happen... eventually. “Yeah, definitely!” says Edwards. “I really enjoy creating with a longtime friend.”

When asked what a joint spring collection might look like, the designers turn to each other and laugh. It might be too early to imagine another collaborative effort so soon, but working together will definitely inform the way they refine their brands from here.

“I'm going to take a break to really reflect on everything that has happened. And then after reflection I’ll implement whatever I learned into the next collection, whether it be in spring or summer or whenever,” says Carbajal, who is currently working on polishing her online shop.

In contrast, Edwards is already moving on to the next project. “I was designing a new collection this morning,” he says. “Ultimately, my goal is to be able to create a product that people can wear anywhere and not feel out of place.”

“Anybody can wear it,” Carbajal says of her hopes for her designs. “I don't want it to really be masculine and feminine, it’s for whoever can relate to it, really.”

“And that's the type of intention in design that we want to provide: That everyone feels comfortable,” adds Edwards.

You can shop the remaining pieces from the Synchrony collection at NSOD’s website,