Twins' Eduardo Escobar and Hollywood's Nicolas Cage: Surprise island bros?

Notice Cage's outrageous Godzilla T-shirt and super-chill ballcap.

Notice Cage's outrageous Godzilla T-shirt and super-chill ballcap. Twitter: Dustin Morse (@morsecode)

When the Twins traveled to Puerto Rico this week, we knew they'd meet the Cleveland Indians. Twice, specifically, as part of Major League Baseball's Puerto Rico Series. 

We certainly did not expect infielder Eduardo Escobar to meet spectacular Hollywood oddball Nicolas Cage. But that's exactly what happened: 

We asked Twins PR pro Dustin Morse for complete, E! True Hollywood Story-style deets on the random Escobar-Cage encounter. Turns out it was pretty straightforward: Morse and Escobar just walked up to Cage and introduced themselves, Morse tells us. A native of Venezuela, Escobar uses Cage films -- which include classics like Con Air, Face/Off, and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance -- to assist with learning English. 


Escobar, 29, is enjoying a solid season at the plate (.273 average, .761 OPS) while starting in place of suspended shortstop Jorge Polanco. He'll forever be remembered as the one remaining prize from the 2012 Francisco Liriano trade. 

Cage, 54, reportedly plans to quit acting in "three or four years" to pursue directing and producing. The Oscar-winning actor will forever be remembered for his legendarily bizarre spending habits: Haunted mansions! Pygmy heads! The late Shah of Iran's Lambo!

Oh yeah, Escobar played some baseball on this trip, too. A lot of baseball. The Twins went 16 innings against the Indians on Wednesday night. Eventually, Miguel Sano whammed a ding-dong to tie it 1-1 in the 14th, and -- finally, mercifully -- Ryan LaMarre lasered a walk-off single to win it 2-1 in the 16th. 

Minnesota split the Puerto Rico Series with Cleveland. The Twins (8-5) just returned to the U.S.; they'll begin a three-game series at Tampa Bay on Friday.