Twin Cities Zinefest celebrates 10 years this Saturday

Twin Cities Zinefest celebrates 10 years this Saturday
Photo by Sarah Jordet

Now in its 10th year, the Twin Cities Zinefest showcases DIY culture and art making in an event where folks can peruse a wide variety of zines and talk with the artists who made them. The Festival, which began in 2004 at Stevens Square Center for the Arts, will take place Saturday afternoon at the Powderhorn Park Building. More than 60 exhibitors will be on hand, as will vegan chef Joshua Ploeg providing tasty treats. 

Monica Coleslaw is coordinating this year's festival, after tabling numerous times at past events. Coleslaw used to write Endless Escalators, a zine she started in college while at MCAD, and concluded a year after graduation. A personal zine (or "perzine"), the series featured childhood stories, including a tale about her sister and one that boasted scans of her high-school yearbook, complete with senior photos and messages like "Have a nice life," accompanied by accounts of how horrible people had been to her. "That was the most satisfying things I've ever done," she says. 

Coleslaw's vision for this year's festival is to emulate the early years of the Twin Cities Zinefest, back when it took place at Stevens Square Center for the Arts. "It was pretty basic," she says, "It was mostly people showing their books." 

This year, rather than organizing workshops or speakers, Coleslaw wanted the zine makers to be the focus. "The main point is to buy zines and meet people," she says.

Twin Cities Zinefest celebrates 10 years this Saturday
Photo by Sarah Jordet

At the same time, Coleslaw hopes this year there will be an attention to detail that will improve the overall experience. For example, providing bags for people to take their zines home in is one new addition. 

About a third of the exhibitors are what Coleslaw describes as a "new wave of comic kids." Those are young people in school for comic arts. Some high-profile names are on the roster as well, such as John Porcellino of King Cat Comics, who Coleslaw says has been at most of the Zinefests so far. "His commitment to the zine movement as something that is never going to die," she says. 

In addition to artists who have tables set up for the festival, there will also be a pop-up table for people who are showing just one or two zines. So if you have one to share, bring it along with you. 


The Twin Cities Zinefest
Noon to 5 p.m. Saturday, September 21
Powderhorn Park Building
3400 15th Ave. S., Minneapolis
Admission is free
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Powderhorn Park

3400 15th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407


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