Twin Cities theater: weekend rundown June 18-20

Putting our best men on it: Steven Epp and Bradley Greenwald in "Irma Vep"
Putting our best men on it: Steven Epp and Bradley Greenwald in "Irma Vep"
Michal Daniel

The nirvana of the front-porch/back-deck, cool-drink-in-hand state of mind is certainly exerting its pull right now in these climes. But there's still plenty of time for culture (and you need something to talk about by the grill while dinner's a-sizzling). Here's a sampling of what's going on in Twin Cities theaters this weekend. 


The Mystery of Irma Vep

opens this weekend at the Jungle. Steven Epp and Bradley Greenwald star as numerous characters in this send-up of Victorian horror. I'll be attending this weekend and reviewing for next week's


. Tickets


--Le Squat opens, the new show by Off-Leash Area about creator Paul Herwig's stay in a Parisian artists' squat in the 1980s. I'll be attending for review in CP. Reservations here

--Pa's Hat: Liberian Legacy continues at Pillsbury House. It's an intense, true story of a woman accompanying her father on a return to his home country. With guns and yelling. Tickets here

--Bye Bye Liver at Hennepin Stages combines theater with drinking. It's uncanny how much funnier things are after a couple of libations. Tickets here

--Troilus and Cressida. Free Shakespeare in the park. Info here, here, and here

--A Midsummer Night's Dream. More free Shakespeare in the park. Info here.

--Dollhouse continues at the Guthrie: Ibsen as filtered through contemporary materialistic eyes (but with most of the angst). Get yer tickets here

--Madame Majesta's Miracle Medicine Show. Interact Theatre's latest offering is about 1890's traveling medicine shows. Info and tickets here.

--Mame at Illusion Theater. Minneapolis Musical Theatre offers up a boy's story of his fabulous aunt. Tickets here

--Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily at Park Square Theatre. Dressing Room review here. Tickets here

--Toyota! The Runaway Musical Hit! at the Brave New Workshop. Check out the CP review. Tickets here

--Triumph of Love at the Minnesota Centennial Showboat. It's opening weekend: info here

We've been waiting all year to get outdoors, but we can't resist the lure of a good show. 

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