'Twin Cities police easily startled' sign is now a T-shirt

The 'easily startled' shoot-em-up sign is now for sale as a shirt.

The 'easily startled' shoot-em-up sign is now for sale as a shirt.

Those street signs that went up around Minneapolis-St. Paul earlier this week didn't last long.

And won't: The signs have been removed as quickly as they've been spotted by local authorities, a practice you can expect to continue whenever they're posted.

Sure, the viral web will give images of the sarcastic acts of protest a long enough life online. 

Want to make your outrage with police shootings known in a more fixed way? Someone's selling shirts on with the same image. Now you can turn your torso into a walking statement against police violence.

And it's not like the cops can go around just taking the shirts off our backs! (Wait, can they? Someone call the ACLU.) 

The "Satire Political Humor Tee" is sold by some outfit called "Police Shooting Innocents Tshirt Productions." You will not be surprised to learn this is their only offering on Amazon.  

"When will the culture of fear and intimidation end?" asks the T-shirt's description. "The force has to deal publically [sic] with its training methods and culture of complicity." 

Whether they're connected to the sign-makers is almost impossible to determine, since no one knew who was putting up the "startle easily" messages in the first place. Though the inclusion of part of the actual street pole makes this shirt look a little haphazard compared to the original design of the 'WARNING'.

And somehow we doubt the person with that sort of radical bent would also turn around and try to make a buck -- more specifically, $19.99; sizes S-XXL -- off their fight against the power. 

Then again, Bob Dylan sells computers for a military vendor now, so, who knows?

What we do know is that this shirt will probably be popping up on protesting chests at upcoming rallies about the increasingly heated relationship between police and their communities.

Also: It might be the least likely shirt to get you out of a potential traffic ticket. Drive carefully.