Twin Cities Horror Festival: A Halloween treat for Fringe lovers

Twin Cities Horror Festival: A Halloween treat for Fringe lovers
Hear No Evil by Tyler Olsen

Thought you had to wait until next August to get your Minnesota Fringe Festival fix? Well, think again. This week, the Twin Cities Horror Festival opens at the Southern Theater, hosting a slew of Fringe favorites -- Joshua Scrimshaw, Levi Weinhagen, Courtney McLean, Tim Uren, Mike Fotis, the Four Humors, phillip andrew bennett low -- who are producing new work that ranges from scary and mysterious to kid-friendly. Like the Fringe, it's an eclectic mix of stuff for all tastes. 

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Twin Cities Horror Fest seeks revenge, has a kickstarter

The Murderer Did It by Four Humors 
The Murderer Did It by Four Humors 

The event started last year when Four Humors decided they wanted to bring a horror-themed show they had done in Cincinnati, called


to Minneapolis. After talking to some other companies, they hit on the idea of starting a horror festival. "After we got everyone together, we talked about how we wanted to do this," says Four Humors' Ryan Lear. They decided on giving artists 100 percent of the box office, and did a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of staff and marketing and space rental. This year, Four Humors heads up most of the administrative support, with one rep from each company being a part of the planning. "It's very collaborative," he says.

The Harty Boy in the Mystery of the Mall of America... of Death! by Comedy Suitcase 
The Harty Boy in the Mystery of the Mall of America... of Death! by Comedy Suitcase 

This year, the organizers wanted to broaden the festival to more than just the ticketed shows, so there's a few additional events. There are two free late-night happenings, including a performance from improv group Theatre of Public Policy, and a screening of the movie Spellcaster with live comedy commentary. There's also a free Recycle-Your-Costume Dance Party, where folks will dance the night away on the Southern Theater's stage and take photos in a photobooth. 

All groups in the festival are doing new and original work that may get reprised in next year's Fringe Fest. The 2013, Fringe saw two works that had originated at the horror festival: Bump in the Night (a collaboration between Erin Sheppard and Courtney McClean, who present Tainted Love this year) and Legends of the White Woman Creek (by Katie Hartman and Nick Ryan, who are doing Edgar Allan this year).

Also watch out for Ferrari McSpeedy, who is presenting Spooky Town, a nod to House on Haunted Hill. The company received an encore slot, along with Four Humors, for being one of the top shows in their venue at the Fringe.

Another play to check out is Trust and Obey, by Tim Uren, about a crew of Germans on a U-boat. "It's super psychological," says Lear. 


The Twin Cities Horror Festival II
October 31 through November 9
Southern Theater
1420 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis
For a full schedule and info about tickets, see their website at
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The Southern Theater

1420 S. Washington Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55454-1038


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