Twenty Ten Fest at Bedlam will rock your miniscule attention span

Short attention span? Hey, no problem, it happens to the best of . . . hey, come back here! I didn't mean that short! Anyhow, Bedlam Theatre's Twenty Ten Fest of ten-minute plays is opening tonight, and the three set lists have been all sorted out. 

These short plays are some of the funniest, strangest, and boundary-bothering stuff in local theater every year. It also doesn't hurt that Bedlam has a full beer and wine bar, because theater  has very frequently been known to improve with libation. 

Set A includes a "Bulgarian circus tale" by local talent Aditi Kapil, as well as toy theater, performance art, and "an introspective sci-fi comedy."

Set B offers up goodies including plays about torture by Dominic Orlando, a hip hop monologue, an "intergalactic fairy tale," an ensemble piece about being transgendered, and a Faust opera. 

Set C includes an "athletic comedy," a show about homelessness, improv, poetic drama, and lip synch drag. 

Tickets for each performance set are $15 (which also makes this one of the great theater values of the season). The slate of ten-minute plays is a concept that's spreading (including to the Humana Festival), but here Bedlam reigns. For tickets call 612.341.1038 or click here

Weekend Performance Schedule:

7:00 p.m. Set A
9:00 p.m. Set B

5:00 p.m. Set B
7:00 p.m. Set C
9:00 p.m. Set A

3:00 p.m. Set A
5:00 p.m. Set C
7:00 p.m. Set B

Performances continue through April 25.