Twenty Ten Fest at Bedlam will rock your miniscule attention span

Twenty Ten Fest at Bedlam will rock your miniscule attention span
Short attention span? Hey, no problem, it happens to the best of . . . hey, come back here! I didn't mean that short! Anyhow, Bedlam Theatre's Twenty Ten Fest of ten-minute plays is opening tonight, and the three set lists have been all sorted out. 

These short plays are some of the funniest, strangest, and boundary-bothering stuff in local theater every year. It also doesn't hurt that Bedlam has a full beer and wine bar, because theater  has very frequently been known to improve with libation. 

Set A

 includes a "Bulgarian circus tale" by local talent

Aditi Kapil

, as well as toy theater, performance art, and "an introspective sci-fi comedy."

Set B offers up goodies including plays about torture by Dominic Orlando, a hip hop monologue, an "intergalactic fairy tale," an ensemble piece about being transgendered, and a Faust opera. 

Set C includes an "athletic comedy," a show about homelessness, improv, poetic drama, and lip synch drag. 

Tickets for each performance set are $15 (which also makes this one of the great theater values of the season). The slate of ten-minute plays is a concept that's spreading (including to the Humana Festival), but here Bedlam reigns. For tickets call 612.341.1038 or click here

Weekend Performance Schedule:

7:00 p.m. Set A
9:00 p.m. Set B

5:00 p.m. Set B
7:00 p.m. Set C
9:00 p.m. Set A

3:00 p.m. Set A
5:00 p.m. Set C
7:00 p.m. Set B

Performances continue through April 25.

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