TuckUnder's latest show features curator Nathaniel Smith, folks from the White Page

<i>I've Been Busy</i> by Alanah Luger-Guillame

I've Been Busy by Alanah Luger-Guillame

It's tough to keep up with artist, curator, and arts writer Nathaniel Smith. He's currently curating and co-curating two shows (one at TuckUnder Projects and another at Gamut Gallery), blogging for l'etoile and other publications, and scheming to open a new commercial gallery. Unlike Future Presence, the DIY space that Smith ran until 2012, this one will be in a permanent space.

TuckUnder is a residential-based gallery housed in local artist Pete Driessen's south Minneapolis home.


For the show he's curating at TuckUnder, "Free Form," Smith presents three artists in the main gallery from the White Page, an artist-run collective from the Standish neighborhood. Smith met two members, Alexis Stiteler and Alanah Luger -Guillame, during a show at Future Presence called "I'm New Here." They, along with Kathryn Sheldon, another member of the White Page, are recent graduates of Alfred University in New York which, according to Smith, has one of the strongest ceramics programs in the country. Though only one of the artists (Stiteler) works in ceramics, they all have a strong sense of shape, form, and architecture that Smith wants to highlight.

Smith says he was interested in looking at the three artists' work in the context of architecture and form, especially in light of the White Page, which is housed in a neighborhood that not too long ago was mostly residential. Nowadays, brewpubs and other businesses are popping up as the city expands. A secondary theme of the exhibition is the idea of being in a place, and how much influence your surroundings can have.


Stiteler has recently been working at Northern Clay Center, where she's investigating map-making, particularly in relation to urban sprawl, and how personal and cultural histories are built. Many of these works contain small ceramic pieces glazed on a wooden shape that might look like cities or represent stones or brick.

Luger-Guillame  doesn't directly reference on physical architecture, but has a sense of architecture in her focus on form and shape. Sheldon, meanwile, has a kind of tension in her work. 

In addition to the three White Page artists, Smith also presents Katerina Fisher in the Leaky Sink Gallery (a.k.a. Pete Driessen's bathroom), who Smith discovered when looking at submissions for Gamut Gallery, where Fisher will also be showing. "We lost our shit," he says, on viewing a photograph of a T-shirt pinned to a wall with a gold knife stabbed through a bag of chips and the shirt. Fisher's other works are similarly outrageous, he says.

Fisher's potato-chip piece will be shown at Gamut Gallery as part of its "2nd Annual Juried Exhibition," with guest jurors Smith, Jesse Draxler, and Ash Marlene this Saturday. 


"Free Form"

TuckUnder Projects

Opening reception 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, October 17

In addition to the works Smith has curated, the show also includes the fourth phase of Marlaine Cox and Karen Kasel's low tech/high joy installation, where they'll hide jars of jam in the raspberry patch in the backyard of the gallery.

Through November 24

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