TuckUnder Projects looks to expand

Ken Steinbach, <i>Fiat/Fiat (Vietnam, detail)</i>

Ken Steinbach, Fiat/Fiat (Vietnam, detail)

What happens when your alternative gallery space gets more successful than you and the surrounding neighborhood can sustain? That’s the question Pete Driessen, who started TuckUnder Projects five years ago, is pondering. This Thursday he's hosting an opening featuring work by Kenneth Steinbach, Lyz Wendland, Luke Aleckson, Michael Flora, and Larsen Husby. 

Housed in Driessen’s south Minneapolis home, TuckUnder offers regular exhibitions during the warmer months that showcase work in his garage and downstairs bathroom. The alternative art space has grown in size, so much so that Driessen is working with a consultant on next step for the space.

“We’ll be putting out a survey about what we should be asking as we move forward,” says Driessen. Questions such as whether TuckUnder should stay in a house, become a nonprofit, or relocate to a commercial space is something that he’s hoping supporters, artists, and his neighbors can help answer. “It’s at the point where I can’t do it all alone anymore. I’m working through that. It’s a healthy organic growth.”

TuckUnder’s last opening event attracted more than 100 people over a three-hour period. “That’s a lot for a little neighborhood to absorb,” he says. “I’m getting my neighbors involved and artists, as well as the general public, to have their input and say in what a community art space could be.”  

In addition to art openings, TuckUnder has hosted poetry readings and other events. While the space needs to be viable for a variety of different artists, it still needs to be safe, even for an audience of just 25 people. “Word is getting out there and it’s getting bigger,” says Driessen. “The programming is growing and artists are asking to do something this time of the year.” 

Right now, TuckUnder is working with basically no funding, so they’re looking to throw a fundraiser at some point in the future as well.

Lyz Wendland, <i>Fake Rock #1</i>

Lyz Wendland, Fake Rock #1

Thursday’s gallery opening features a new exhibition by Kenneth Steinbach, called "Fiat/Fiat," taken from the notion of paper currency that is completely controlled by government or para-government agencies. Steinbach’s graphite drawings will be on TuckUnder’s gallery walls. In the Leaky Sink Gallery, located in Driessen’s bathroom, Larsen Husby presents “Autres Curiosité,” where physical objects will relate to French historical maps. Viewers will be able to handle pieces that evoke the symbols from the maps. Outside, you’ll find Lyz Wendland’s “Suburban Map Rocks,” with plastic rocks with hidden paintings in the front yard, and Luke Aleckson’s “Short Shadows,” a show drawing from the ideas of philosophers Ernst Bloch and Hannah Arendt. Out in the garage, Michael Flora has put together a minimalist audio piece about thinking and listening, called Shutsugen.


"Fiat/Fiat" and more

TuckUnder Projects

Through August 30

The opening reception will take place at TuckUnder Projects on Thursday, July 30, from 6 to 9 p.m.