Tubeflops: A serious 'oh hell no' moment in fashion

People rarely wear flip flops appropriately. For some reason it's difficult for many to understand why the last thing we want to gaze upon while downing our delicious flight of miniburgers at TGIFridays are your stanky feet. There are really only three places for this flimsy footwear option: The beach, around your home, and the showers at the gym.

Now that it's warmer outside, we're going to start seeing an abundance of new spring and summer looks, and this, dearest Twin Cities, better not be one of them.  "Tubeflops" are the first and hopefully last invention of its kind, merging both flipflops and tube socks in a regrettable move that was an 'a-ha' moment for Sanuk and a "WTF" moment for the rest of us. It seems like one of those horrific inventions that rides soley upon a cutesy name, and if you don't yet agree, check out the video below.

If you are over the age of 12 and are caught in these monstrosities, you deserve any smirk aimed in your direction.  Save the $30 (and your dignity) and cut a pair of old leggings at the knee and match them with with a pair of $5 Old Navy flip flops if you must imitate this look. But don't tell anyone it was our idea.