Trylon microcinema's classic summer movie lineup


The biggest little theater in repertory films, the 50-seat Trylon microcinema, has announced its summer schedule, an eclectic mix of 32 mostly light but hugely entertaining classic movies. The lineup:

Steven Spielberg: Father of the Blockbuster: Depending on your point of view, he either revitalized the movie business or destroyed the mass market for smart, artistic filmmaking. When Jaws taught studios how much money could really be made from movies, the industry was never the same again. In June, the Trylon presents four of Spielberg's biggest summer blockbusters.
Raiders of the Lost Ark, June 4- 6
Jaws, June 11-13
Close Encounters of the Third Kind, June 18-20
Jurassic Park, June 25-27

Don't Stop the Presses: "The Newspaper Picture": It's an usual idea for a film series, but as hard as it is to imagine now, newspapers were once considered a romantic profession, and they were the setting for several memorable films in the 1940s and '50s (including one often called the best American film of all time). Nine of the best will screen in July.
Citizen Kane, July 2- 4
Park Row, July 9-11
Scandal Sheet, July 9-11
Roxie Hart, July 16-18
Call Northside 777, July 16-18
Nothing Sacred, July 23-25
Platinum Blonde, July 23-25
Sweet Smell of Success, July 30-August 1
While the City Sleeps, July 30-August 1

Everyone Wants to Be Cary Grant (at the Heights Theatre): Grant's unflappable class made him the perfect foil for some of the greatest screwball comedies of all time. The Heights will show six of his classics: The Philadelphia Story, July 12 Arsenic and Old Lace, July 19 The Awful Truth, July 26 Topper, August 2 Holiday, August 9 His Girl Friday, August 16

The Trylon's First Anniversary: Buster Keaton in The General: The Trylon opened last year by showing several of Buster Keaton's great silent comedies. For its first anniversary, the Trylon will join with the Heights Theatre to screen what may be his best, The General from 1926, in which a Civil War-era train engineer must rescue not only the girl, but his locomotive.
The General, July 14 (Trylon) and 15 (Heights)

The Jack Nicholson Experience: Seven from the '70s: Before he was known for mannered overacting and attending Lakers games, Jack Nicholson was one of the greatest actors of his time, with a knack for bringing originality and depth to movie antiheroes. In August, the Trylon presents seven of his best films.
Five Easy Pieces, August 6-8
The Last Detail, August 13-15
The Shining, August 13-15
The King of Marvin Gardens, August 20-22
The Passenger, August 20-22
Easy Rider, August 27-29
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, August 27-29

In addition, the Trylon will continue two of its ongoing film series. "Sound Unseen" is a monthly selection of highlights from the Sound Unseen Film Festival, presenting movies about music (first Wednesday of every month). And "Trash Film Debauchery," much as its name implies, presents B movies of questionable quality and taste (fourth Wednesday of each month).

Visit for more information.

Trylon Microcinema
3258 Minnehaha Avenue South, Minneapolis

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