Trylon microcinema hosts Trash Film Debauchery series

Take-Up Productions, a volunteered-based organization, screens films at movie theaters around town including the Parkway, the Heights, and the Riverview. But it's the 50-seat Trylon microcinema where they host Trash Film Debauchery, a series devoted to mind-boggling B movies. There is only one more chance to take part in their summer series as they close out the season with the 1988 film Uninvited.

The flick is about a group of youngsters who are invited to party on a mob cruise ship in order to distract the authorities from the gangster's dirty dealings. A mutant cat stows away on the same cruise, however, so the authorities soon become the least of the passengers' worries. The film screens Wednesday, August 25 at 7:30 p.m.

Can't make it tonight? Lucky for us Take-Up Productions will continue Trash Film Debauchery into the fall season, but with a new theme: haunted kung fu. The season will kick off on September 22 with The Boxer's Omen, a "guaranteed face melting martial arts showdown between good and evil, demon and priest, wizard and ghost." On the fourth Wednesday of each month through November, Trylon recommends preparing yourself for "a world of ancient curses, high flying kung fu, black wizards, Taoist monks, spooky apparitions, flying human heads, hopping vampires, and the most wacky, dazzling spectacles in action-horror cinema history."

The Dead and the Deadly and Haunted Cop Shop are included in Trash Film Debauchery's Haunted Kung Fu line-up as well.

Trylon Microcinema 3258 Minnehaha Ave. S., Minneapolis 612.424.5468

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